This is my first post on this page, which is to be my (long overdue) personal website. A motivation is having a place to show off projects and my experiences building them. It’s to be decided if I’ll get around to documenting projects I’ve already built, but I’ll certainly make an attempt to document projects I work on in the future. As the title suggests, I was inspired to make this by my current lack of employment (and unrelenting boredom thereof).

There is merit to this, I believe, outside of self-promotion. I find myself consulting other peoples’ blog posts on things they’ve built when they’re relevant to something I’m working on. It really never hurts to have more information out there if there is even a small chance it could help a programmer get through a technical hurdle, I think.

A separate, more important reason for creating this site, is simply that writing helps me think and I tend to write better when I have the expectation that someone else will read my thoughts. This site may not ever get many views, but the illusion of readership is present regardless given the known openness of anything published to the internet.

My content will not be focused entirely on things I build. I will write about things that may or may not relate to software and technology, such as the political atmosphere in my home country of Bolivia. My hope is that, with time, I will improve my writing ability and provide valuable perspectives on some things I like to think about.